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Macomb County Bicentennial

Macomb county's bicentennial COMMITTEE

Meeting Schedule

May 1, 2017 - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Administration Building
One South Main, 8th Floor
Mount Clemens, MI 48043


We have several items to plan, share and discuss. We will be taking another Bicentennial group photo for use in our program booklet and hope you are able to join us.
Also, at 2 pm our Bicentennial Military Sub-Committee will be hosting a press conference in the lobby and you are invited to attend. The press conference kicks off the "Recognizing our Guardians" Program in Macomb County. You are invited to join our press conference at 2 pm as well.

February 15, 2017 - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Fraser VFW Post 6691
17075 Anita
Fraser, MI 48026


Welcome & Introductions - Pam, TBD

Events - TBD

Communications/Storytelling Updates - TBD

  • Speakers

Timeline Bicentennial committee project - Mike

Website – Mike

Torch Relay- TBD

Next Meeting – TBD

December 13, 2017 - No Meeting


November 15, 2017 - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Recreational Authority of Roseville & Eastpointe
18185 Sycamore
Roseville, MI 48066


Welcome & Introductions - Pam, Tony Lipinski

Fundraising - Pam

Bicentennial Kickoff event - Maria

Communications/Storytelling Updates - Maria

  • Jeff Payne – Macomb Daily
  • Tracey Moro – MacombNow Magazine
  • Kim Parr – Macomb County Heritage Alliance
  • Tammy Turgeon – Suburban Library Cooperative

Timeline Bicentennial committee project - Mike

Website – Mike

Military - Laura

Torch Relay- Grace

Next Meeting – December 20th ?

October 18, 2017 - No Meeting


September 20, 2017 - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Westview Orchards and Cider Mill
65075 Van Dyke, Washington, 48095


Welcome & introductions

Subcommittee regroup & reports (Storytelling, Birthday Kickoff Celebration, Timeline, Recognition, Military, Torch Relay)

  • Each subcommittee introduce chair/spokesperson and sub-committee members
  • Provide update & future plans


  • Discuss webpage layout, content, links
  • Timeline
  • Submitting content
  • Create calendar

Misc – legacy project, sponsorships, floats and lobby display discussion,

Next Bicentennial Advisory Council Meeting scheduled at 3 p.m. on November15 at  Recreational Authority of Roseville & Eastpointe, 18185 Sycamore, Roseville, MI 48066

2018 meetings – Feb, May, Aug/Sept

Other items

August 16, 2017 - No Meeting


July, 2017 - No Meeting


June 21, 2017 - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Macomb Community College


Welcome & Introductions

15 minute subcommittee regroup

Subcommittee reports (max 5min each)

  • Include Budgets
  • Video services
  • Any other costs necessary

Centennial Farms and historical locations

Legacy Project

Float & Lobby Display discussion



Other items

No meeting in July, next meeting is August 16 in Center Line

May 17, 2017 - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Edsel and Eleanor Ford House
1100 Lake Shore Road
Grosse Pointe Shores, MI  48236


Welcome & introductions


  • Discuss webpage layout, content, links
  • Timeline

2018 Monthly Themes/Storytelling Sub-Committee Update

  • Introduce chair and sub-committee
  • Announce selected themes for every month of the 2018
  • Sub-committee planning

Birthday Cake Celebration – Tues. January 9, 2018

  • Introduce Chair and sub-committee
  • Subcommittee to plan celebration &
  • Discussion of other proposed events
  • Coordination of other community events

County Recognition Update

County-wide Torch Relay Update

  • Introduce Subcommittee Chair and sub-committee
  • Announce preliminary plans

 Signup sheet for future meetings

Other items

April 19, 2017 - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Fraser Activity Center
34935 Hidden Pine Dr
Fraser, MI  48026


Welcome & introductions

2018 Monthly Themes  

  • Consolidation of themes
  • Assigning a theme for every month in 2018
  • Activity: Gather ideas for stories about each theme along with info about who to contact for details.   


  • Activity: Select logo
  • Discuss webpage layout, content, links
  • Developing a timeline*

Proposed Events  

  • Birthday Cake Celebration* – Tues. January 9, 2018
  • County-wide Torch Relay*
  • Discussion of other proposed events
  • Coordination of other known community events

Future Meetings

  • Monthly meetings are planned (for now)
  • Opportunity to host a future meeting (Signup sheet)

Join a sub-committee to establish a chairperson, discuss plans and create a roster of contact information for each member:

  • Timeline
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Securing recognition from others (Historical markers, official resolutions, etc.) (time capsule)
  • Torch relay
  • Storytelling

March 15, 2017 - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Macomb County Admin Building

Agenda: TBD




    Birthday Celebration

    • Plans and implements Jan. 10, 2018 200th anniversary celebration.
    • Members: Donna Buchanan, Lana Carson, Liz Darga, Dave Kubiak, Angela Lenda, Laura Lesich, Anne Nicolazzo, Ronda Powell, Jenn Putney, Mary Kay Sogge, Liz Vogel, Patti Timmins 

    Securing Recognition / Legacy Gift

    • Researches and applies for historical proclamations, markers and plaques. Investigates feasibility of purchasing and dedicating a clock for the Old Administration Building.
    • Members: Linda Zublick, Ken DeBeaussaert, Kerry Jantz


    • Gathers, organizes and shares historically significant stories that follow designated themes for each month of 2018.
    • Members: Sandra Boykins, Sarah Comier, Melanie Davis, Suzanne Gallas, Caitlin Gerds-Habermas, Tracey Moro, Elaine Myers, Jeff & Jennie Payne, Kelley Stephens, Linda Stonebreaker, Katrina Roy,
      Linda Zublick


    • Collects important dates throughout Macomb County’s 200-year history to populate the website’s timeline.
    • Members: Julie Champion, Cindy Donahue, Lois Jackman, Michael Liskey, John Schober, Tammy Turgeon, Lois Ulivtz, Cheri Warnock

    Torch Relay

    • Organizes countywide torch relay involving every local community. Example
    • Members: Pam Lavers & Grace Shore (Chairs),Eva Armitage, Bob Busquaert, David Daniels, Dennis Champine, Lauri Cowhy, Michael Fontana, Lorraine Fradle, Dave Jones, Erika Lojko, Kelly Lovati, Barb Matthews, Tracey Moro, Joe Nichols, Angela Rogers, Katrina Roy, Brian Sabalinski, Jeff Schroeder, Kelly Stephens, Vince Viviano, Linda Weishaupt, Ursula Warren, Anthony Wickersham, Vicki Wolber, Kimberly Wolosiewicz


    • Members: Mike Sand (chair), Laura Rios, John Hogan

    Bicentennial Advisory Council Monthly Themes

    Communities (January)

    • (Fun Fact) Clinton Township was Huron Township in 1818!
    • History of Festivals –history of Sterlingfest –Marty Pipenbrok (Melanie Davis)
    • Ethnic Communities &  Boundaries ( Who lives where and what they are known for, for how long)
    • History of Churches and Schools –contact?
    • Name changes over time / border changes
    • Street names
    • St Clement Church, Center Line
    • Ethnic Diversity (Churches) < Countries, Great Lakes States,  Migration
    • Which is oldest? , Which is newest?

    Health (February)

    • Poor Farm – County Pest House  - Cindy Donahue
    • Bath Houses of Mt. Clemens
    • Epidemics that Macomb survived
    • Common illnesses in the 1800s? (What did people deal with?)

    Historical Places/Architecture (March)

    • Bairmgarth House hash – POC: Marilyn Wright (586) 293.7477
    • Edsel + Eleanor Ford House – POC: Mark  Heppner (313) 884.4222
    • Kramer Homes – Center Line – POC: Dennis Champine (586) 262.5608
    • Halfway Schoolhouse – Eastpointe – POC: Suzanne Pixley, City of Eastpointe Mayor & Historical Society Board President ( Suggested by: Cardi DeMonaco 586.744.3864)
    • Hx- Erie Canal then Macomb City and Park – POC:  Don Green
    • Richard Beringer - Historical expert- Village of Macomb – POC: Kelly Stephens 586.752.4436
    • Centennial Farms + Bicentennial Westview Orchards est. 1813
      • Reuse of:
        • 1850 Barns
        • 1869 Crocker houses
        • 1930 market
        • 1940 Milkhouses
    • Octagon Houses – recommended POC ; former residents, Linda + Dave Schenbern, who both teach, She actively still teaches at Washington school)
    • Clinton Township Historical Village – Log Cabin,  Moravian Hall –POC: Liz Vogel
    • Upton House – Sterling Heights – POC: Tammy Turgeon
    • Crocker House Museum  (Mount Clemens 1st Mayoral home + Mount Clemens historical displays) – Bath House Era –Tucker History; Contact – Kim Parr 586.465.2488
    • Archdiocese of Detroit for Catholic Churches’ History 
    • Recommend June for Hx Month –because kids are out of school and their parents will take them to museums and historical landmarks ( * plan is to maximize participation by families and possible school field trips) – POC: Katrina Roy
    • Armada Fair
    • Churches of Macomb City -> Also beginning of education ( One- Room schoolhouses and onward)
    • Transportation  & Grand Train RR ( Interurban) – POC: Ken Schram
    • Kalt = Farm House Style –starting on Schoenhrr by masonic in Warren – my grandparents ( I will look into who knows the story)– POC: Laura Lesich 586.994.5104
    • Youth Center – Village of Romeo – POC: Ruth Heidebreicht 586.909.5958

    People (April)

    • Arts & Culture
    • Art Center (Phil)
    • Macomb Daily –Photo Archives , Places, Events,etc – POC: Jeff Payne
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Growth of Native Americans
    • Ethnic Groups ( Italian Cultural Center)
    • African American Migration to Macomb County –  POC: John Emerson, Mt Clemens
    • Waldenburg- German Community ( Lutherans) , near Immanuel Lutherans
    • Civic Groups
    • African American  Sorority – Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC ; Omega Xi Omega Chapter –POC: Sandra Boykins 469.544.6557
    • Service Groups
    • Pioneer Family Defer – S.C.S.  – POC: Eva Armitage ,
    • Mt. Clemens Public Library – Obituary Database – POC: Debbie Larson
    • Oldest Resident / Oldest Married Couple
    • Jenny Coratlo – 92 years old – POC: Michelle Weiss, DDA
    • Family History – POC: Michelle Weiss, DDA
    • Irene S. Miller – Brothers Creamery ( 92 years old) POC: Michelle Weiss, DDA
    • Alexander Macomb – Macomb County named after him - Janet Calabere   
    • Richard Cory, Bruce Twp. & Village of Romeo, 586-752-4585

    Government/Public Safety/Military (May)

    • 98 yr. old – Claude Wood , Fraser –VFW Post 6691 Charter Commander – POC: 586.293.771 ,
    • History of Macomb County Government , Sheriffs, & Buildings – POC: Cindy Donahue
    • Police Officers/ Firemen – Line of duty deaths in Macomb County – POC: Cindy Donahue
    • Military Museum – Lou
    • St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade (May)
    • VFW Post -6691 – 81 yrs.
    • Purple Heart Cities
    • SANGB History – Veterans Memorial Park of Detroit - POC: Mike Sand ,
    • POW/MIA Chair of Honor – VVA 154 & 9
    • Michigan Vietnam Memorial Monument Commission
    • 50th Anniversary Vietnam War
    • Arsenal of Democracy Museum

    Recreation (June)

    • RayCenter Farm – POC: Ruth Heidebreicht
    • Fishing –POC: Mary Kay Sogge
    • Boating on St. Clair – POC: Mary Kay Sogge
    • History of Metroparks – POC(s): Julie Champion/ Charlie Shelton
    • Lake St. Clair Recreational History –Michigan Sea Grant – POC: Steve Stewart
    • History along Clinton River –Clinton River Watershed Council – POC: Steve Stewart
    • MOT – Macomb Orchard Trail – Railroad – POC(s):  Anthony Casasreta/ John Crumm
    • Center Line Independence Festival – June 2018 (last weekend)
    • Tomlinson Arboretum in Clinton Township –POC: Liz Vogel

    Transportation (July)

    • Clinton Township turns 200 too!
    • Clinton Township Cruise – many classic car owners locally, local car designers ,etc. – POC: Tracey Moro , (586)212.1673
    • Train from Detroit to Mt. Clemens –(Interurban) Railroad - Macomb Now is doing story in summer edition –POC: Dennis LaDuke
    • Edsel Ford – Ford Motor Company; and other automakers
    • Scow Schooner History- Lake St. Clair/ Clinton River – POC: Eva Armitage , 586-675-0006
    • Lake St. Clair Voyager Encampment Fur Trade = Canoes
    • Clinton Erie Canal –waterways -1st way and animals to pull ; New comers come from other Great Lake States via Lake Erie , Canals
    • History of Moravian Road – POC(s): Liz Vogel & Jim Hungerford

    Agriculture (August)

    • Would be good to trace how farms were replaced by developments (housing, etc.), and where the produce comes from instead , throughout the 200-year history
    • Farmers – Macomb is the most diverse county of Mich.
    • Greenhouses - Hydroponics, IPM, Modern Farms, Farming Value – added (wineries , cider mills, bakeries), CSA’s
    • Farm Markets – Farmers Markets
    • Westview – 204 yrs. old –POC: Katrina Roy
    • Affiliation/Research MSU
    • Value-added agriculture – includes growing, industry wineries +breweries.
    • Wolcott Mill Farm Center – POC(s): Kathleen Clinton/Susan Schmidt
    • Historic Macomb Hot House Rhubarb Capitol – Ken D
    • #1 Greenhouse
    • Which farm family has been around the longest? How many generations

    Education (September)

    • It would be nice to Find out what the oldest school is; Longest working educator; get general members out (# of schools, students, administrators, etc.; Budgets) – (Do Not have a POC!)
    • 1st African American Principal
    • New Specialty Secondary Programs/ Workforce Development (forward thinking) – POC: MISD/Dr.  Christine Johns
    • Growth/ Consolidation of districts over time (ISD)
    • Macomb Community College History
    • Workforce Programs
    • Parochial Schools
    • International Academy of Macomb  – Best HS / top in the country – POC:  (MISD) Principal

    Manufacturing (October)

    • L&L Manufacturing - Ruth Heidebreicht
    • Job Training at Macomb & MTEC- Nicole McKee
    • GM Tech Center – Full Staff of Librarians, lots of company history
    • Fisher Body – One of Macomb’s oldest

    Business (November)

    • First State Bank 100 years in Business – POC: Teresa West, Eastpointe DDA Chair ( suggested by Cardi DeMonaco 586-744-3864)
    • Story – Any business who have been around for 100+ years or have been in same family – Melanie Davis can help identify some or Cecilia Maloney
    • Downtown’s
    • City of Utica – 200 years old this year – contact Utica Mayor
    • Tunnels/ Prohibitions – Cindy Donahue
    • Bath Houses

    Media (December)

    • History of C&G Newspaper in Macomb County: POC(s): Elaine Myers/ Jill & Jeff Demers
    • Mel Bliech ( Romeo Observer) – POC:  Ruth Heidebreicht
    • Macomb Media History – POC:  Jeff Payne, recommending retired editors Ken Kish and Mitch Kemetian
    • Utica Sentinel –Historical Newspaper Project working to get digitized – POC:  Tammy Turgeon
    • Digital Media Archive – Suburban Library Cooperative – POC: Tammy Turgeon
    • Frances Norton Price – First woman publisher in Mi. – Daily Lender ; front runner of Macomb Daily ( 1915-1942) – POC:  Janet  Calabrese